22 Sep, 2020 – 31m 8s

Episode 1: Building Brands, Bars & Businesses

Sonia Chew (Mediacorp 987 DJ, co-founder of IZY FOOK)

We launch with Sonia Chew (Mediacorp 987 DJ and co-founder of IZY FOOK), one of the most popular voices in Singapore, to find out how she built her brand, juggles multiple roles and the importance of team dynamics within a business.

29 Sep, 2020 – 26m 58s

Episode 2: Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Abhishek Gupta (co-founder of Circles.life)

We speak with Abhishek Gupta (co-founder of Circles.life) on taking risks, questioning the status quo and overcoming challenges.

6 Oct, 2020 – 27m 35s

Episode 3: Authenticity Shapes the Path

Rachel Lim (co-founder of Love, Bonito)

We have Rachel Lim (co-founder of Love, Bonito) on her leap of faith into the entrepreneurial world, and how she turned into a blogshop into a million-dollar empire by staying true to herself.

13 Oct, 2020 – 31m 28s

Episode 4: How to Identify & Find Your Path

Magnus Grimeland (CEO/founder of Antler, co-founder of Zalora)

Magnus Grimeland (CEO/founder of Antler and co-founder of Zalora) speaks on his values: spike, drive & grit and aligning passion with lifestyle.

21 Oct, 2020 – 33m 22s

Episode 5: How Technology Facilitates Social Impact

Virginia Tan (co-founder of SHELOVESTECH and Teja Ventures)

Ever wondered how to champion a social cause in the entrepreneurial world? Virginia Tan (co-founder of She Loves Tech & founder of Teja Ventures) tells us how to find your inner social warrior and scale social impact with the help of technology.

27 Oct, 2020 – 30m 17s

Episode 6: Innovating your way through a crisis

Arrif Ziaudeen (co-founder of Chope)

Co-founder of Chope, Arrif Ziaudeen, sits with us to discuss the importance of turning crises into opportunities and innovating through them.

4 Nov, 2020 – 29m 21s

Episode 7: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learnt

Christabel Chua (founder of Kai)

Here's a favourite amongst youths today - Christabel Chua (founder of Kai)! Tune in to listen as she inspires us on the importance of trust within a team and how to trudge on when met with business challenges as a young entrepreneur.

11 Nov, 2020 – 37m 48s

Episode 8: From Solving a Problem to Becoming a Unicorn

Steve Melhuish (co-founder of PropertyGuru)

Steve Melhuish, co-founder of PropertyGuru, gives us the lowdown on being a fixer and building a digital business in Asia.

17 Nov, 2020 – 33m 08s

Episode 9: Getting Sh*t Done

Tan Min Liang (co-founder of Razer)

Our season closes with an exclusive feature of Min-Ling Tan, co-founder of Razer, on what makes a great entrepreneur and company as well as his future footings within Southeast Asia and the opportunities he's offering off-beat entrepreneurs.

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